Welcome to Mýrdalshreppur

Mýrdalshreppur, a multicultural society!

Mýrdalshreppur is a growing municipality and has become a very multicultural one. The municipality welcomes all new residents and the diversity that they bring. We see this as a strength for the community and believe that it is important that we all come together as a society.

Moving to a new community is always a challenge, especially so when one settles down in a new country. It is important to make access to information as equal as possible for everyone and we have therefore created this special site in English as a platform to enter our community with useful information, news in English, and connection to our multicultural representative, Álvaro Sánchez.

The site is still a work in progress and will furthermore be in continuous improvement. You can also use the translation flip in the upper right corner to change the content of other parts of our site from Icelandic to English.

We welcome all suggestions and collaboration to make this site work better for its users as well as your participation in creating a rich and collaborative multicultural society. Please feel free to reach out:

    • Multicultural representative: Álvaro Sánchez
    • Address: Austurvegur 17
    • eMail: skrifstofa@vik.is
    • tel: 487 1210

or stop by Kötlusetur, Víkurbraut 28 for a chat!


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