New music course for adults enthusiasts - CHOIR SINGING

Music School in Vik introducing
NEW MUSIC COURSE for adults enthusiasts - CHOIR SINGING
This course is suitable for adults interested in singing who want to improve their choral singing technique, musical sensitivity, memorization, sing a variety of songs by Icelandic and foreign composers, participate in concerts and projects organized by the Tónskóli, and also get to know the world's diverse choral music culture: classical choral works, church music , pop songs, jazz, opera, etc.
The course consists of the following classes:
  • 1 hour per week of choral singing - group time
  • 30 min per week - choir music culture of the world - group time
  • 1 hour per month - music choir session & jam session - group time
Participation in the concerts and musical projects of Tónskóli in Vík