In the Municipality's area can be found diverse sports and recreational activities offered by clubs and private individuals. The Sports Center in Vík, running by the Municipality, is the central place for various physical activities and sports events.

The Sport Centre and swimming pool in Vík – Íþróttamiðstöðin og sundlaugin í Vík

The Sports Centre is located at Mánabraut 3 in Vík, in the same place where is Vik's primary school and Mánaland's kindergarten.

The facility consists of a swimming pool, a hot tub, a sauna, a gym, and a gymnasium (a sports hall). Outside the building is an athletic stadium with a football grass field, an artificial grass field, a small basketball court, a playground, a jumping pillow, and a zip-line (aparóla) for children.

Its opening hours are usually changed twice time a year. In the summertime (between June and August), the Sports Centre and swimming pool is available longer for guests than in winter when the building is occupated by the school.

Here is a page:, where you can keep up to date on the opening time in the Sports Center.

The entrance and rental fees can be found here:

Tel: 487 1147


Sports clubs and youth associations


Youth club association Vestur-Skaftafellsýsa, abbr. USVS is an association of horsemanships, youth and sports clubs in Vestur-Skaftafellsýsla county which includes two municipalities: Mýrdalshreppur and Skaftárhreppur.

USVS currently associates five sports clubs, i.e. Katla Youth Club and horsemanship Sindri from Vík í Mýrdal.

Its primary goal is to help members and other youth to increase cultural development through education and physical training. USVS promotes a healthy lifestyle among the youth and arouses interest in sports through working on projects for sports activities. The association also leads on common social issues, promotes the cooperation of USVS members in the county and represents them outside the district, etc.

Tel: 487-1340
Facebook page: USVS


2. Katla Youth Club – Ungmennafélagið Katla ehf.

Katla's Youth Club (Ungmennafélagið Katla) is the only active youth club running in the Mýrdalshreppur area. The club was founded on May 17, 2008, when Drangur's Youth Club and Dyrhólaey's Youth Club consolidated. Initially, the consolidation of clubs was on a trial basis for three years, but after good cooperation between them, it became valid. Five members sit on the club's board which meets once a month.

The Katla's Youth Club is responsible for sports activities for children and adults and twice a year, it makes the sports activities schedule (the winter schedule and the summer schedule), which is available on its Facebook page or on 

Katla has offered athletics and football all these years, as well as gymnastics, basketball, and badminton. The club has also been in charge of various mini-courses, such as boxing, dance, Zumba, cake decorating, circus, chess, football school, and much more. The club has also collaborated with different agents and members in organising various sports and social activities. In recent years, the Youth Club has prepared, i.e.;

  • summer activity for children in 1st to 4th grade, which is the joint project of Mýrdalshreppur and Katla Youth Club
  • the Easter egg hunt in the Mýrdalshreppur area, as a family activity prepared by the club and Kvenfélag Hvammshreppur 
  • the June 17 celebration.