Mýrdalshreppur Municipality Office

Iceland is divided into two administrative levels: the state (the national government) and 62 municipalities. One of them is Mýrdalshreppur. Its local authority is responsible for providing services for its residents such as local education, social affairs, child protection services, sports and leisure activities, cultural life as well as technical services like street construction, utility services, firefighting, etc.

The website of Mýrdalshreppur is www.vik.is. There you can find all information about working local authority, forms, and applications, environmental and planning affairs, fees lists, regulations, news, upcoming events, etc.

If you need any information related to communal services or other affairs connect to the Municipality, you are welcome to send an email to: skrifstofa@vik.is or call: 487 1210

Feel free to visit us:

Our office is located at Austurvegur 17, Vík
Opening hours: weekdays from 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00
Note: Opening hours may change during the summer