To dog and cat owners

Dog and cat owners who have not registered their animals with the municipality are urged to contact the Mýrdalshreppur office as soon as possible. The annual fee is ISK 9,327. The premium includes liability insurance and deworming at a veterinarian who comes to Vík in November (the date will be announced later).

Mýrdalshreppur has signed an agreement with the animal protection association Villiketti with the aim of reducing the number of feral cats in a humane way and reducing the number of unregistered and uncleaned cats in the municipality. Wildcats are captured, dewormed, barked, and then released, but kittens are placed in homes, so their numbers have naturally decreased since the agreement was first made in 2020.

Unregistered domestic cats will be captured and taken to a shelter where they will then be placed in a home. Owners of cats that are not registered with the municipality are challenged to include them in the registration, otherwise, they may be at risk of the cat being removed from the municipality. It is also reminded that dogs are not allowed to roam free.

More information about pet ownership (rules, applications, etc.) can be found here