Pet ownership

While it is lovely to enjoy the company of your beloved pet, there are strict rules on quarantine for importing a pet, and it can be an expensive process. Please check first with your own country's rules as well as at: and

Permission and rules

In Mýrdalshreppur, owners of dogs and cats are obligated to register a pet. Below are the forms which you have to fill out:

You can also visit the office to register your pet.
One of the essential articles in the pet ownership agreement of Mýrdalshreppur is that: within the villages, dogs must be on a leash. It´s forbidden to allow dogs to walk freely within the boundaries of urban and pasture except for livestock guardian dogs when they work under the care of the owner or guardian.
The pet ownership agreement and the yearly pet fee can be found on the website of Mýrdalshreppur (check out the subpage: Rules, Fees, and Forms)
One time a year (in autumn) is deworming dogs and cats. This treatment is included in the yearly fee.


Vets – dýralæknir

There is one vet in the Municipalities of Skaftárhreppur and Mýrdalshreppur:

  • Lars Hansen
tel: 892 2046

There are also the nearest veterinary clinics that welcome all pets:

  • Dýralæknar Sandhólaferju
Rauðalækur, 851 Hella
tel: 487 5044
  • Dýralæknaþjónusta Suðurlands
tel: 482 3060