Work offer at Hjallatún

Samkvæmt mannauðsstefnu Mýrdalshrepps ber að auglýsa allar fastráðningar hjá Mýrdalshreppi.

Öllum umsóknum um auglýst starf er svarað þegar ráðningu er lokið.

The nursing home Hjallatún is looking for people for future work from the middle of next September. This is 90% work in caring for the elderly and cleaning.

It is a good workplace with diverse and fun shift work.

The condition is that the applicant speaks or wants to learn Icelandic, is independent and punctual and has good communication skills. Experience in similar jobs is desirable.

Salaries are according to the collective agreements of the Association of Icelandic Municipalities and the Icelandic Professional Association

Applications are sent to

Guðrún Berglind Jóhannesdóttir director of nursing