Violence - where to get help

If you are or have been a victim of violence or domestic abuse, you can get support. Everyone has the right to receive assistance, and violence is never the victim's fault!
If you live with domestic violence or know somebody who is, help is available. You can always phone 112. You can also contact various grassroots associations and social services.

1. Social service for Rangárvalla- and Vestur – Skaftafellssýsla

They offer welfare services for residents. If you need the support of a social counselor or a psychologist or need the help of the child protection staff, don't hesitate to get in touch with , tel: 487 8125

2. Multicultural and information Centre

Tel: 450 3090 (Icelandic/English), 470 4702 (Thai), 470 4705 (Spanish), 470 4706 (Lithuanian), 470 4707 (Russian), 470 4708 (Polish), 470 4709 (Serbian/Croatian)

Address: Árnagata 2-4, Ísafjörður

The Multicultural and information Centre is available on most issues regarding immigration, Icelandic society, Icelandic lessons, rights and obligations, interpretation and translation services, and more.

3. Sigurhæðir, Selfoss

Sigurhæðir is the first center of its kind to start working in the South, and it is intended for women 18 years and older. This service is for victims of gender-based violence in this country. All Sigurhæðir services are free of charge.
Sigurhæðir is located at Skólavellir 1, Selfoss. Women and their families can come, call or book an interview on the Sigurhæði website, , the phone number is 834 55 66, email:

4. The Women´s Shelter / Kvennaathvarfið

The Women's Shelter provides temporary housing and counseling to abused women and their children. The services are for those who have been physically and/or psychologically abused in their own home by a family member. The shelter also offers support and counseling for victims of rape.
The Telephone Helpline is open 24 hours a day—phone 561 1205. Women may call and receive information and support. Free Counselling, support, and information are also available for women who are not staying at the shelter. It is necessary to phone 561 1205 first to make an appointment.
Tel office: 561 3720 and 24-hour emergency number: 561 1205


5. Stígamót – Education and counseling Centre for Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Violence

Stígamót offers free individual counseling for survivors of rape, sexual molestation, sexual harassment, pornographic exploitation, and prostitution. The service is for women and men. Services are also extended to family members and loved ones of survivors. People 18 years of age and older go to Stígamót because of the violence they have suffered, both in childhood and in adulthood. Many come because of violence that occurred many years and even decades ago. Men are equally welcome at Stígumót. Approximately 10-15% of those who seek assistance there are men.
Address: Laugavegur 170, 105 Reykjavík
Tel: 562 6868/8006868