The Municipal services - the Maintenance Centre, water supply, sewerage, and waste management

Áhaldahús – Þjónustumiðstöð /The maintenance center
The maintenance center of Mýrdalshreppur is responsible for repair and maintenance services within the commune. The public works department's tasks are i.a., snow clearing, caring for public buildings, facilities, and park cleaning, repairing streets and pavements, beautifying outdoor spaces (e.g. trimming grass, removing weeds and garbage), etc.

The owner of a house, apartment, block, guesthouse, hotel, summerhouse, or other building has to pay a property tax, which is divided into nine repayments every year. The property tax includes i.e. municipal services such as sewerage, water supply, and waste management.
If you rent a flat or house, you pay only for renting. Your landlord is obliged to pay all these municipal services (the property tax - fasteignagjald).

Water supply and sewerage – vatnsveita og holræsi
Mýrdalshreppur ensures inhabitants access to a water supply and a sewage facility.
Mýrdalshreppur runs all water and drainage systems, and all realizations like maintenance, modernization, improvements, and supervision are carried out by the local authority and its public works department.
For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with the maintenance center – Áhaldahús:

Bárður Einarsson
Tel. 897 303
or the Municipality Office

Waste management – sorphirða
Ögmundur Ólafsson ehf. is a family-owned company taking care of waste management in Vík í Mýrdal and specializing in container services, waste treatment, and management of the municipality's container area.
There are three trash bins in each house, the green one for recycling, the black one for general waste, and the brown one for organic waste.
The information about the waste depot, the waste collection calendar, and recyclables can be found on the website of Mýrdalshreppur:
At the waste depot - Gámavöllur, located at Smiðjuvegur 1a can dispose of all garbage that should not go into trash bins, such as metals, tires, glass, hazardous wastes, and electronics.
The opening time:
  • Monday 16-18,
  • Tuesday closed,
  • Wednesday 15-18,
  • Thursday closed,
  • Friday 16-18,
  • Saturday 10-12
Receiving deposit beverage containers takes place every Wednesday.
The Red Cross takes over clothing, shoes, and other textiles through a collection container located at Sunnubraut 14-16, at the old slaughterhouse.
For more informaction contact:
Ögmundur Ólafsson ehf.,
tel. 892-9726,