Local organizations and activities

In the area, there are many organizations and groups. In Mýrdalshreppur Municipality, most of the social activity results from volunteer work. Many clubs are happy to welcome new members. It can be a great way to meet new people and to take part in making a good society.

Red Cross – Rauði krossinn í Vík

Address: Suðurvíkurvegur 4
Tel: 482 2106
Email: formadur.vik@redcross.is 

The Icelandic Red Cross works domestically and supports the international position of the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement worldwide. The main emphasis is on bringing assistance and help where it is needed. The red cross opens emergency shelters in case of emergencies and natural disasters in Iceland. Emergency shelters provide disaster victims safe facilities and seek counseling and psycho-social support. You can find all information on www.raudikrossinn.is/english 

Search and rescue ICE-SAR/Björgunarsveit
In Iceland, people live with nature; sometimes, it can be challenging, with heavy storms, avalanches, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and more. The ICE-SAR rescue teams in Iceland are about 100, and thousands of people are always available when needed. More information about the ICE-SAR rescue teams can be found on their website:
In Mýrdalshreppur is one search and rescue team – Björgunarsveitin Víkverji
The ICE-SAR team has built up knowledge and experience over the years to be quick and safe in every situation. Every volunteer goes through training before they go into the field. If you are interested in joining the search and rescue team, you can contact Björgunarsveitin Víkverji:

Tel: 487 1272
Email: vikverji@vikverji.is 
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/vikverjivik 

The fire brigade in Vík – Slökkvilið í Vík
The fire brigade in Vík handles firefighting and ambulance services in the Mýrdalshreppur Municipality.
The fire brigade takes part in rescuing victims from traffic accidents, accidents at the sea and lakes, and off-road and natural disasters. They also assist other fire brigades in the country when requested. The firefighting work is varied and can range from a small fire in the rubbish bin to a large fire that requires the participation of all SHS stations and even extra staff who are called out on duty.
The fire brigade in Vík has 20 members.

The weside: http://slokkvilid.vik.is/ 
Email: slokkvilid@vik.is 

Kvenfélög - Women´s association
The Icelandic Women's Association – Kvenfélög Íslands (KÍ) is an advocate and cooperation platform for the women's associations in the country. Within KÍ, there are 17 regional associations with 152 women's associations and 4500 clubs.
In Mýrdalshreppur are three women's clubs:

  1. Kvenfélag Dyrhólahrepps
    Contact: Salóme Svandís Þórhildardóttir
    Email: dyrholahrepp@kvenfelag.is, salometv1983@gmail.com 
  2. Kvenfélag Hvammshreppur
    Contact: Dísa Dýrfjörð
    Email: hvammshrepp@kvenfelag.is 
    Tel.: 778 8828
    Facebook page: www.facebook.com/KvenfelagHvammshrepps/ 
  3. Kvenfélag Ljósbrá
    Contact: Petra Kristin Kristinsdóttir
    Email: solheimar2@gmail.com 
    Tel.: 612 2126

Lionsklúbburinn Suðri
Friendship is the foundation of the Lions club's work. Lions are a loyal group of friends who stand together and support each other. In Lions, many make their best friends. Lions offer education, entertainment, meeting, travel with friends and families, etc.
The main website of Lion's clubs in Iceland: www.lions.is/is 
In the Municipality Mýrdalshreppur runs the South Lions club. If you´d like to know more about the club and its work, contact Jón Ómar via jjr@simnet.is 

Skógaræktarfélag Mýrdælinga – The Forestry Association of Mýrdalur
Skógaræktarfélag Mýrdælinga was founded in 1944 and currently has 35 and is the Association of people who have enjoyed forestry and feel no better than in the forest.
The Association manages forest plots in Mýrdalshreppur like Gjögur á Sólheimasandi, and Heiðardalur (area above Vík), where it has taken the initiative to preserve and plant. All these forest areas are open for people who want to spend time in the quiet forest complex.
Currently, the Association brings together over 35 members. If you'd like to join them and impact reforestation in the area, contact Sigurgeir Már Jensson via: sigurgeir@hsu.is 

Ferðafélag Mýrdæling – The Mýrdal Touring Association
The Mýrdal Touring Association is one of the divisions of the Iceland Touring Association, which brings together enthusiasts and allows them to experience Iceland closely. It organizes tours for members and non-members all year round: hiking, cycling, day trips, weekend tours, and longer trips. www.fi.is/en/about-us
The Mýrdal Touring Association works locally, offering summer tours in the Municipality of Mýrdalshreppur. One of its primary goals is to renovate the building Deildarskóli, which will be its cabin.
More information about Ferðafélag Mýrdæling:

Email: myrdalur@gmail.com 

Club and activity for the elderly
In Mýrdalshreppur works a solid social group associating with people over 60 years old. On October 29th, 1995, they established the Senior Citizens Club called SAMHERJAR – félag eldri borgara í Mýrdal.
They organize social and entertainment meetings at Hotel Katla once a month, and carry out activities like light gymnastics, boccia, handicrafts, play cards or bingo, walks, and an open house in the community center Leikskálar with a coffee chat, etc.
Samherjar also has its own choir called Syngajndi under the guidance of Anna Björnsdóttir. Choir rehearsals are held once a week. 
Currently, the club has 42 members.
More information about the Senior Citizens Club Samherjar can be found on the webside: www.vik.is/is/mannlif/velferd-og-fjolskylda/eldri-borgarar

Katla UNESCO Global Geopark
Katla Geopark is Iceland's first geopark, and it opens up a natural wonderland to visitors. Mýrdalshreppur is one of three municipalities belonging to Katla UNESCO Global Geopark.
A top priority of the park is to protect the natural environment, promote local, sustainable development, introduce local culture, and strongly emphasize nature tourism.
Katla Geopark is accessible all year round, and each season has its own magical charm in this spectacular natural paradise.