Safety and well being

The Social Service Agency of Rangárvalla- and Vestur Skaftafellssýsla Districts – félagsþjónusta

Social service Agency of Rangárvalla- and Vestur Skaftafellssýsla District provide to individuals and families various services, such as social counseling, financial aid, domestic services, supportive services, or services concerning housing problems.
On the one hand, social counseling consists of information provision and instructions on social rights issues and, on the other hand, assisting in social and personal problems.
They also work for the welfare of children. Their purpose is to ensure that children living in unacceptable conditions or children who endanger their health and development receive the necessary assistance. The role of the social service agency is to use resources that are best for the child and strengthen families in their parenting role.
The Social Services Agency provides services, i.a., to residents of Mýrdalshreppur Municipality.
The office is located in Hella (Suðurlandsvegur 1-3, 850 Hella); however, the officials provide services to individuals in Mýrdalshreppur Municipality in their place of living at request.
You can contact the Social Services Agency:
Tel: 487 8125

Police on the South Coast of Iceland – lögreglan á Suðurlandi

If you need police assistance, call 112.
The police enjoy a high level of trust in Icelandic society. Everybody may safely approach the police if you have been the victim of an offense or violence or need assistance.
Police station in Vík is located at Ránarbraut 1
Tel: 444 2010

If the matter is not urgent, send us a message through the website or call 444 2000. The narcotics hotline is 800 5005 for anonymous tips.

District commissioner office – Sýslumaðurinn á Suðurlandi

The District Commissioner's office and police station are located at Ránarbraut 1, Vík, in the same building where is the police's office.
The District Commissioner issues various permits and certificates, including residence permits, passports, legal separation or divorce, public taxes, driver's licenses, permits for operations of restaurants, guesthouses, bars, and more.
For more information, see
The opening hours of the District Commissioner's office are from 9:00-15:00 on weekdays.