Housing - renting or buying property, vacant plots, building house

For general information about housing in Iceland: https://www.mcc.is/housing-guide

Icelandic National Registry: https://skra.is/english/people/change-of-address/moving-to-iceland/

Housing benefit takes the form of monthly payments intended to assist those who rent residential premises. Please check if you are entitled to housing benefit: https://hms.is/husnaedisbaetur/housing-benefit/

Renting or buying a house/apartment

Private houses, apartments, and rooms are constantly being rented out both for a longer and shorter time. The locally weekly advertising brochure: www.dfs.is is a good place to start the search or even to place an advertisement, check also on Víkí-Pedia, the local group on Facebook.

The municipality has a few apartments rented out by public staff such as teachers or nursing home workers. If Mýrdalshreppur has a vacant apartment, it will be announced on the website. You can then deliver the application ( https://www.vik.is/static/files/Eydublod_og_Umsoknir/umsokn-um-leiguibud.pdf ) to Mýrdalshreppur´s office or send it to the email address given in the advertisement. 

If you are planning to buy a house or apartment, you can find more information about the process on the webpage: www.mcc.is/housing/buying-property/

For information about apartments and houses for sale the local real estate agencies:

Þrúðvangur 5, Hella
Ormsvöllur 7, Hvolsvöllur
Tel: 487 5028

Websites that can be helpful to find a property:


Vacant plots and building house

If you plan to build a house you can contact Mýrdalshreppur´s building officer, George Frumuselu, e-mail: bygg@vik.is, tel: 487 1210

The current availability of vacant plots can be found on the website of Mýrdalshreppur: https://www.vik.is/is/moya/page/vacant-plots