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In the municipality of Mýrdalshreppur, there is an active cultural and social life. There are many associations, events, and exhibitions.

On you can find an events calendar for all festivals and events. For example, every year, there are three festivals in Vík í Mýrdal: Vor í Vík (Spring in Vík), Regnbogahátíð (The Rainbow Festival in Vík), and jarðvangsvika (Geoweek).

Kötlusetur – Katla Centre

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Museums and exhibitions

At the Katla Centre you can visit two exhibitions:
  • Katla UNESCO Geopark presenting the main geological features of the area.
  • Artwork by church artist Sigrún Jónsdóttir. If you want to see her artwork, you have to make an appointment by emailing
Opposite Katla Visitor Center is Skaftfellingsskema - the building with the over one hundred years old wooden ship Skaftfellingur. The museum was established in May 2017 and got the name ''Hafnleysa – A shore with no harbour''. Visiting this place, you can touch, smell, and learn more about this unusual ship as well as other stories of vessels stranded on the South Coasts of Iceland. It's open every day alongside the Katla Center's opening hours.


Library – Héraðsbókasafn Vestur Skaftafellssýslu bókasafn

There is one library in Mýrdalshreppur. It's located at Ránabraut 1 (on the second floor), next to the Commissioner's Office.
The opening hours: Monday 16:00-18:00, Wednesday 16:00-18:00
More information can be found on Facebook page of the library in Vík:


Community and Culture Centre Leikskálar

Community and Culture Centre Leikskálar is located at Víkurbraut 8 in Vik.
Leikskálar, as the central place of local social integration, plays various roles in the municipality. There hosts events, festivals, concerts, meetings, performances, etc. throughout the years.
There are regularly taken place activities such as:
    • Youth activities – The Oz's youth center offers a varied program for teenagers
    • Meeting of senior citizens and women's association
    • Yoga activities for adults
The building creates a beautiful setting for all kinds of events and happenings. There is available a large and fully equipped hall. The hall seats 200 people in a movie theatre, and with tables: 120-150 people. It is possible to expand the space into an extra hall, then the enlarged hall with tables can seat about approx. 200 guests. Adjacent to the lounge area is a fully equipped banquet kitchen.
More information about Community and Cultural Centre Leikskálar can be found on or on Mýrdalshreppur´s website:
Booking can be made either at or by phone: 774 5469



In Mýrdalshreppur are currently very active two choirs:
  • A church choir under the guidance of Brian Haroldson. The choir rehearses once time a week (every Wednesday) over the winter in the Vik Church. If you'd like to join a church choir, you can contact Brian by sending an email at
  • Syngjandi's choir, which was founded by the Senior Citizens Club SAMHERJAR. Choir rehearsals are taken place once time a week.
  • Samfélagskór - Community choir where everyone is welcome and members work things out together. #weareculture They do not let language, technology, job schedules nor any other issues stop them, and help each other out when needed. The choir's main objectives are to connect the choir's members and create links out in the society, sing together entertaining songs and perform and last but NOT least: have fun together!

We are culture!

One time a year are held the European Heritage days. During this special time, foreigners can share their experiences, practices, customs, and values with the local community. This action makes society more attractive, alive, and rich in multicultural diversity.
More information you can find at Katla Centre (Kötlusetur):
Víkurbraut 28, Vík

Local Events

Event calendar: overviews of local events:
You can also follow the Facebook group Víkí-Pedia, where various events taking place in Vík í Mýrdal are regularly announced.
    • The Rainbow festival – Regnbogahátíð
The Rainbow Festival has become a big part of Mýrdælingar's life, held the second weekend in October every year. It's a collaborative project between residents, companies, and institutions in Mýrdalshreppur municipality, where everyone strives to create colourful cultural parties, events, exhibitions, and activities for individuals and families, children and adults. The festival program can be seen on Rainbow's Facebook page and distributed in booklet form to all homes in Mýrdalshreppur.
The Rainbow Festival's Facebook page:
    • Spring in Vík – Vor í Vík
Spring in Vík is usually held in the third week of April. At the same time are celebrated the First Day of Summer in Iceland and Earth Day. The main subject of Spring in Vík is local nature and environmental protection. This unusual event lasts for one week, where the emphasis is on the environment, outdoor life, and activity.
More information about Vor í Vík can be found on the Facebook page:í-Vík-409872733174088
    • Geopark week – Jarðvangsvika
Since Katla Geopark was founded, Geopark Week has been celebrated every year, and it's also taken place in the third week of April. Its primary purpose is to raise public awareness of geo-conservation and the promotion of geological heritage. Events are varied and include school activity days, guided walks, exhibitions, workshops, concerts, etc.
If you'd like to know more about this event, visit Katla Geopark's website:
    • Mýrdalshlaup – Mýrdal´s race

Mýrdalshlaupið (Mýrdal's race) is an off-road race in the unique natural area, held annually (in May) in Vík í Mýrdal. Three distances are available: 21 km, 9 km, and 3 km. Further information can be found at

Don't miss out on Icelandic cultural events !!!

In addition to local events in Vík í Mýrdal and international holidays such as Christmas, Easter, or May 1st, Icelandic/National cultural events have also their place. Each of them is celebrated according to Icelandic traditions and customs, having its roots in the country's history. The most famous of them are:
  • Þorrablót – the man's day/ the husband's day
  • Góa – the woman's day / the wife's day
  • Bolludagur – Cream Bun Day
  • Sprengidagur- Blast Day
  • Öskudagur – Ash Wednesday
  • The First day of Icelandic Summer
  • The Independent Day June 17th
  • Verslunarmannahelgin – Commerce Day or Shopkeepers weekend
  • Icelandic Language Day