The English-speaking council had it's first meeting today in Leikskálar

Among the topics discussed were health care services in Vík, a new gym, and the making of an Intercultural policy for the municipality.
We had a visit from the Multicultural Information Center of Iceland and the director Nichole Leigh Mosty was very impressed with everything we have going on in our community and we will continue to work with them in this field.
I was extremely happy with the discussions and encourage all of our citizens, both foreign and Icelandic, to follow the committee's work. We are happy to receive comments and suggestions on anything concerning our policies or the services we provide.
Notes from the meeting with links to the proposals discussed may be found here:
I also encourage those looking for further information on the services we provide to have a look at our "Welcome to Mýrdalshreppur" page: 
Einar Freyr, Mayor of Mýrdalshreppur