Review of the educational policy of Mýrdalshreppur

The review process of the education policy of Mýrdalshreppur has begun.

A community meeting will be held in the coming weeks. Teachers and school personnel will analyze the schools program and activities and a project supervisory committee will meet regularly to manage the data obtained and utilize it in the review process and the creation of a new vision for education in Mýrdalshreppur.

The project supervisory committee is now seeking feedback on the current status of educational matters from municipal personnel, parents and guardians, grandparents, relatives and other interested locals willing to contribute. Your experience and interest in education are all that matter.

An assessment of the past and current status, forms the basis for determining what needs to be done to obtain the future vision the municipality has previously set and is now up for review. The gap between the current situation and the vision for the future must be bridged. The goals set to work towards the future vision will be reviewed during the process.

The status assessment will enable the municipality to define important issues. The results will be used to form the policy, goals and approaches that will move the school and other connected education matters in the municipality towards the future vision.

Here is link to the anonymous survey:

Thank you for your important contribution!

The educational policy revision committee of Mýrdalshreppur.