Local elections in Mýrdalshreppur 2022

Local municipal council elections in Iceland will be held on 14th of May 2022.

The location of the polling station and opening hours will be announced soon on the Mýrdalshreppur´s website.

We would like to underline the rights of foreigners to vote in Iceland according to the voting legislation:

,,Foreign nationals are entitled to vote in local government elections in Iceland after certain periods of residence in the country as follows:

  • Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian nationals: If you are a registered resident in a municipality in Iceland and if you have reached the age of 18 years on election day.
  • Other foreign nationals: After three consecutive years’ legal residence. For the elections on 14 May 2022, this will mean that they must have been residents since before 14 May 2019. ,,

Due to the latest figures from Registers Iceland (Þjóðskrá), Mýrdalshreppur municipality currently has 425 foreign nationals and they constitute over 51% of Mýrdalshreppur´s residents. Over one third of this group has a right to vote in the local government election.

There are two political parties running for the local goverment in Mýrdalshreppur. Each party has put forth a list of candidates and opened a Facebook page. The elections programmes will be presented on the Facebook pages so we encourage you to follow them.

The local political parties are:

More information about the rights to vote and the local municipal council elections in Iceland (in English and Polish) can be found on the Multicultural Information Centre´s website: www.mcc.is